Coolah Tops National Park

Features of the Park   
Coolah Tops National Park is one of the best kept secrets in New South Wales. Located 30 kilometres east of Coolah, it is a great place for bushwalking, scenic drives, bird watching, bush camping and forest picnics. 

Gazetted as a National Park in 1996, Coolah Tops covers 12, 117 hectares on a narrow plateau of both the Liverpool Range and Warrumbungle Range. 
The Park is home to lofty stands of eucalypts, tumbling waterfalls after rain, abundant wildlife and sub-alpine vegetation varying from large snow gums to lush green ferns.
Some of the most spectacular features of the Park include Australia’s tallest snow gums and giant grass trees which are thought to be some of the oldest in Australia. The best way to admire these giants is by wandering the 2 kilometre walking loop accessible from the Barracks camping area. Some of the grass trees on this walk are thought to be more than 300 years old!
Coolah Tops is an ideal spot for anyone looking to get off the beaten track. Experience its scenic drives (4WD tracks are marked), cool walks all year round, bush camping or simply relax and enjoy a picnic at one of its picnic areas or picturesque lookouts.     
The Park is also home to an abundance of wildlife including grey kangaroos, frogs, red belied black snakes, wombats, insectivorous bats and more than 120 species of birds including a rare species of owl. A rare species of possum also lives in the Park. The greater glider is a one metre long nocturnal possum which can glide on an outstretched membrane for up to 100 metres.
The road to the Tops from Coolah consists of 15 kilometres sealed, 15 kilometres unsealed. In dry weather, the road is suitable for most conventional 2WD vehicles. However, the road is not recommended for towing caravans or in wet weather as driving after rain can damage the road surface.
Be prepared for sudden weather changes in Coolah Tops. Temperatures range from 2 – 16 degrees Celsius in winter and up to 40 degrees Celsius in summer. Frequent frosts and snow falls occur in winter and the temperature can drop suddenly, even in summer.
For more information on camping grounds, bushwalking and current conditions in Coolah Tops National Park, contact National Parks and Wildlife Office, Mudgee
(Ph: 02 6370 9000) or pick up a Coolah Tops brochure from Coonabarabran Visitor Information Centre, Pandora Gallery in Coolah or National Parks and Wildlife Office, Mudgee.

Features of the Park

Norfolk Falls Picnic Area – a small picnic and day use area
The Barracks Camping Area – a popular camping area with information bay, shelter shed, toilets, tables and BBQ’s
Coxs Creek Camping Area – a small camping area with a cascading waterfall in the creek nearby
The Pines Camping Area – a large open camping area
Bundella Lookout – enjoy a BBQ with spectacular views over the Liverpool Ranges north to Mount Kaputar and the Nandewar Range
The Pinnacle Lookout – a walking track from Bundella Carpark which has panoramic views to the north and west to the Warrumbungles. Take extra care while walking around the rocky edges
Basalt Caves – a rough walking track which leads to several small caves and one large one, 60 metres in length. This track is suitable for fit walkers only.
Breeza Lookout – a small picnic area, information bay and lookout providing wide views over the Liverpool Plains towards the New England.
Shepherds Peak – this basalt dome jutting out of the northern escarpment can be reached by a short walk from Breeza Lookout. This track suitable for fit climbers only.